Hemorrhoids Be Gone

Published: 29th September 2009
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What if you can learn how to quickly and effectively cure your hemorrhoids from the comfort of your own home in 3 easy steps? Wouldn't that be worth a look? To finally be able to say Hemorrhoids No More is something I longed for. I wish I had known about this easy to use home treatment guide before I shovled out hundreds of dollars at the doctor's office. You can't forget about the cost of prescriptions that added up on top of everything else.

Anyone can do it, anyone with hemorrhoids that is.

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What Are Hemorrhoids?

Simply put, hemorrhoids are swollen vessels and tissue around the lower rectum and anus that get irritatedand often times can bleed. They are similar to a varicose vein in many ways.

There are two main types of hemorrhoids: Internal and External. Since internal hemorrhoids are deeper into the anal cavity, they're less noticeable, while external hemorrhoids are visible to the naked eye and often will extend outwardly from the anal opening. Burning, itching, pain and tenderness are common symptoms of hemorrhoids, although the internal occurrence is less symptomatic. The main reason for this is that there are less nerve cells in the anal canal compared to the anal opening itself. For anyone who has had both internal and external hemorrhoids, they will probably tell you that the external variety is more irritating.

If bleeding is present, it will usually be bright red in color and present on the surface of your stools. Red colored blood means that there has been a recent hemmorage of a blood vessel, common during bowl movements. Another reason would be from a tear called a fissure, in the anal opening.

Hemorrhoids Cure

The usual method is to see your physician. My case was considered mild and would require 4 treatments.

Treatments usually consists of "banding". This is a procedure where a tiny rubber band type of material is placed around the base of the swollen vein. Not a particular enjoyable process to go through. It was always awkward having a casual conversation while my blood pressure was being taken. Just knowing that in a few minutes I would be bearing my bottom to the staff was a little humbling.

This became costly and time consuming.

I finally discovered an all natural hemorrhoid treatment that I could use comfortably and quietly in my own home. No embarrassing doctor visits, no expensive co-pays or prescriptions to buy. In just 3 easy steps I finally discoverd relief at a portion of the cost.

Thanks for your time. I really think you'll be happy you did. The satisfaction to have hemorrhoids no more is a wonderful feeling. I wish you the greatest of health and happiness.

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